This book is an absolute “Must Read” for all academics, students and others with an interest in the field of botany.  It is the most comprehensive work of its type that I have ever encountered.  The accompanying photos are magnificent with respect to their detail and color.  Without question, I give this work of art 5 Stars. It is the best of the best.  The author’s passion for his work and attention to detail and empirical approach is evidenced on every page “A Brilliant Scientific Work.”

Dr. Robert Snader Richmond United States of America. (Doctor of Law).

“The book has great reference material in everyday simple language. It suits the beginner to the advanced gardener, photographer or bush walkers like us. My husband and I refer to it every weekend on trips to mountains or beach. We can’t wait for membership to expand to see what others have to say and to see their photographs. Best birthday present my husband has ever had I can’t put down.”

Julie Sheldon Townsville Qld.

“Everything we grow dies. Now my husband knows some of the reasons why after reading Cultivation tips and plant diseases and viruses. It is so simple and easy to follow with great information. Hopefully, Adam will again take an interest in the garden again, if I can get him off the computer and away from The Bible of Gardening and football.”

Jennifer Anderson Camp Hill Queensland.

“Every now and then something comes along that is out of the ordinary and spectacular to say the least. It is obvious to everyone that the accuracy in detail has not been compromised despite the simplicity for the average enthusiast to the horticulturalist, environmental student at university or the professional environmentalist working in the field. As a reference book on the plants that have been covered to date, it is second to none and I eagerly a wait for the inclusion of additional plants on a monthly basis with the photographs.”

Fan Jian Hong B.A, M.A Canberra ACT.

“Superbly written in a way that the average person can follow the descriptions and check against the many photographs to what the plant really looks like instead of a magnified flower with exaggerated colours. For once we have a life time book that will keep pace with our family activities as our garden grows.”

Kylie Nyssen Grange Queensland.

The contents of his book met my professional expectations while at the same time delivers something for everyone who has ever admired a flower. The Boy Scout wondering through the mountains, the student interested in Botany, the photographer looking for a new angle, the retired nomad exploring the Australian countryside or the professional ecologist working in the field it is all here in one book. It will save anyone hundreds of hours searching the net or books for valuable information on Australian plants. Andrew has taken the complexities of the subject, simplifying every detail so everyone can fully understand every facet that he has covered. This is clearly depicted in the 3,000 plus word glossary that has explained each word simply and accurately. It continues in every chapter especially in the chapter “Botany the science of plants” where senior and first year university students have their course easily explained with questions and answers to all the important facts of their course. The 26 topics cover everything from the plants physical appearance to disease and are all beautifully illustrated in drawings, great photographs and words with facts and humour making it relaxing, educational and thought provoking. It is difficult to find a weakness. His anecdotal stories are marvellous but you have to search the book for hours to find them. This could be another chapter and an area in Botany that really does need expanding. He failed to keep it going. If this was a thriller it would be found on the best seller shelves. Luo Feng Long B.A. M.A. Sydney Australia.

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