I wish to sincerely thank all those people involved in the following organizations, government departments and small business that assisted me directly or indirectly with checking facts, information, photographs and identification of the Australian flora and fauna in this book.

A special thanks needs to be passed onto every individual who believes that, “The Environment is extremely resilient yet so fragile. We must consider our every action and its consequential reactions when planning for the future. Lip service falls well below the threshold of what is now needed.” Your endeavours in protecting our planets wildlife diversity, small and large in past, present and future are appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Gail Mellis Nee White who encouraged me in the nursery industry and organic living at every stage with love and devotion.

Liu Nan Ying is always there doing the little things that add up to big things, the little things in the field like holding the umbrella sheltering the wind just too many things mention.

My Daughters:

Kylie-Lea Who managed everything on the home front while we travelled and lived from hand to mouth collecting data, photos and living where we could afford to.

Julie-Anne gave us accommodation for months on end while we photographed the Port Macquarie area and then again when she moved to Townsville was our port of call for the North Queensland ventures.

Jennifer-Marree whose house was our home away from home in Brisbane.

Callis Xiao-Min My daughter away from home with a smile from ear to ear from dawn to dusk. ENCOURAGEMENT with laughter.

David Callighan In memory of David Callaghan my best friend who left me in charge of preserving the environment and spreading the word of organic growing and the need to communicate the urgency to grow healthy plants in order to live healthy and help save the world’s environment from ourselves. David what you did without any remuneration lit the fire within me to continue to promote Australian Native plants, food plants and organics as a single entity. Your boots were always one size too big for me.

Anthony Packer (Tony to me & now me andi to him) Friend and bush Walking Companion. The miles, the sights and the conversations will never be forgotten.

Alex Floyd (O.A) personally as a friend and teacher over many years with the assistance of his book gave me encouragement to pursue my dream. Australian Rainforests in New South Wales Volume 1. Alex Floyde.

Volunteer Staff at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens who gave Tony and I that extra special reason to trek the hundreds if not thousands of kilometres in the bush every year collecting, notating the hundreds of plants on the north coast together. In memory of Margaret Smith.

The thousands of suppliers of photographs placed on the web by individuals were immeasurably welcomed in the early stages prior to our own extensive library of (over 20,000) photographs were collected. We would never have been able to collect all our measurements, angles, colours, hair types and put it together without you. We learnt as a slow progress how to take the photographs what angles to take them at and how to transpose the measurements from the photos to the book. As our library grew we became less dependent on field notes. The accuracy of our own photographs improved and increased the speed to which we were able to document most the measurement within the book accurately in a way that has never been undertaken before.

Thanks to Xie Ye Fen my God Daughter and Medical forensicologist with the Yunan Police Force who assisted me to perfect the transposition of photos to documents. The use of the macro lens made life easier to get the detail we so badly had a thirst for and proved invaluable in creating 3 dimensional imagery of many of the plants in question. The dimensions were made manually like a Cat Scan using multiple photographs at different angles on the plants I wanted to study in detail then comparing them as a whole. To my knowledge I am the first botanist to deploy the techniques of 3 dimensional photography and forensicology photography anywhere in the world to study plant morphology or phytomorpholgy.

The Native Aborigine people of Australia whose wisdom and wishes on preserving the Australian flora and fauna along with their knowledge of their uses is so profound that it deserves higher recognition by all the people of Australia. A special thanks to Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker nee Ruska) and Merve Ruska known to me and the Aborigine community as Merve Borey who were from the Stradbroke Island and Redland Bay’s Nunnukul Clan, the Bundjalung clan from around Grafton, the Kumbainggir clan of Coffs Harbour and Nana Glen the central north coast of New South Wales and as much as my memory retains from the 1970’s the Kalkadoon clan and the Pitpita clan whose land is based around Mount Isa. They have all contributed in some way to this book and serve as a stark reminder that the land and the people who reside upon it are so tightly bound that we are inseparable. To think any differently will lead to a national disaster.

The Chinese people around Hong An, Lu Xian and Sha Ping Ba who supported me, knew and understood the real need to make a difference to the environment and gave not just of themselves but their food so we could continue our work without the worry of day to day survival needs. A never ending supply of fresh fruit and vegetables all grown without chemicals were laid on my table week after week for the whole period while I was writing. Thanks to you all. You will never be forgotten and nor will your endeavours for a cleaner environment. A special thanks to the Yizu minority who were the turning point and really showed me utopia without money, love and affection where people really can live in harmony with each other. Not just on a family level but a clan level which equals Australia’s population. The subclan of the Sani People and their hospitality started with my true friend and his family which later became my family, Zhang Wen Guan of Qing Shui Tan, Yunan. Thanks mate.

A special thanks to all those who wrote back and assisted in distribution and soil types in there districts beyond the Clarence Valley. I may have forgotten your names and address but I will never forget your help.

DN Computers Services 5 Alcester Street Grange Queensland. Thanks to David Nysen and staff for the loan of computers, assistance, hosting and layout from the start to the finish. (073) 525252 david@dncs.com.au David Nysen (B.A M.A.)

Your name and net or email contact

Ganhongxia Thanks to Little Gan for the hundreds of hours work done unpaid to bring the book to fruition. Without her help the book would still be a in word. 867307859@qq.com.

Greg Clancy Environmental consultants Friend not just of mine but all plants and animals however insignificant they may first appear. Grafton Armidale Road gclancy@tpg.com.au 

Shirly Friend and lover of nature and flowers who knows the real value of balance in nature. Her help in research on the computer and Chinese botanical departments and contacts was extremely valuable. Supporter when the going got tough.

The following People and Organisations assisted us to check our facts, compare data and wildlife records.

Aqua Green Fish and aquatic plants suitable for Aquarium use. www.aquagreen.com.au

Ara Usman Soil pollution assessment and indication. Phytochemical accumulation within plants www.researchgate.net

Atlas of Living Australia http//www.bie.ala.org.au 

Australian Department of Environment www.environment.gov.au

Australian Virtual Herbarium and Botanic Gardens Mapping and distribution – http://avh.ala.org.au

Back yard Gardener has an excellent simple Dictionary for Greek and Latin terms not found in this book. – http://www.backyardgardener.com/gardendictionary

Brisbane Save Our Waterways


Cameron Roberts, Townsville Botanic Gardens and friend who is a keen Native Plant photographer and who supplied many of the photographs found within cameron.roberts92@gmail.com

Chong Qing Herbarium http//lib.cqvip.com

Clarence Valley Land Care members

Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens friends and volunteer Photographs measurements.

CSIRO www.csiro.au

Dean Nicole Currency Creek Hind Marsh Island Eucalyptus Conservatory South Australia. www.dn.com.au

Flora Bank http:/www. florabank.org.au

Flora of China www.db.kib.ac.cn

Flora of China www.eFloras.org

Geo Science Australia www.geoscience.gov.au

Greening Australia Greenslopes staff and friends


Grevillea Park Staff and friends on our many visits and photographs of plants that may have been beyond our reach. http://www.grevilleapark.org

Guanxi Herbarium Southern China http//ftp2.gxib.cn

Clarence Valley Land Care members and friends.


Rushes and Grasses http://plantsandlandscapes.com.au

Australian national herbarium http://www.anbg.gov.au

Save Our Waterways http://www.saveourwaterwaysnow.com.au


Insects which use Australian Native plants as their hosts. http://www.digitalcommons.unl.edu

Larry Corbett Townsville Botanic Gardens and friend who is a keen Native Plant collector and enthusiast. Larry also reviewed sections of the book with recommendations and errors I had made and identified many of the plants found in north Queensland. Larry.Corbett@townsville.qld.gov.au

Lepidoptera butterfly house Most butterflies and moths that were not captured on film and identified by the author.

http://www. lepidoptera.butterflyhouse.com.au

Great information on where to see wildflowers in Western Australia motels van parks etc. What to see and when to see it. Also lists of people who maybe able to help. members.ozemail.com.au

New South Wales Agricultural Department www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

Noosa’s Native PlantsNoosa Shire Council Queensland.


North Queensland Plants. Photographs assisted in identification and assisted in measurements. http://northqueenslandplants.com

Planetnet Check information


Queensland Museum identification of butterflies and caterpillars.

Queensland University of technology Butterflies and insects.


Research on Typha orientalis. Growth rates and lead accumulation. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Researchgate Various articles to confirm facts or broaden knowledge of the topic http://www.researchgate.net

Bob Snader Doctor of Law. Friend who eventually came up the title “The Bible of Botany” and who constantly reviewed sections of the book with critical input from a none botanist point of view.

The Oxford Journals. Assistance in finer measurements and details http//AOB.oxfordjournals.org

Townsville Botanic Gardens Larry Corbett Curator Photographs and measurements.

Tropical Forage plants. http://tropicalforages.info/key

University of Melbourne www.botany.unimelb.edu.au

Water Gardeners watergardeners@gmail.com

Water Gardens and water plants

Weather Stations http://www.bom.gov.au/climate

Western Australian Government soil Research Center. Salt tolerances. http://www.agric.wa.gov.au


Yarra Ranges Plant directory Yarra Ranges City Council Victoria.

成都生物研究所 (Chinese Institute of Biology) http//www.cib.ac.cn

大重生物系 (Chong University Department of Biology) Staff and students.

中国自然科学基金会(The Natural Science Foundation of China) http//www.iciba.com

A list of all Australia’s past botanists and some present botanists can be found on http://www.anbg.gov.au/biography

Other resources included:

We used the following sites to confirm the accuracy of our identification. Special thanks must go to Alex Floyd and Greg Clancy who mentored me and assisted in identification from photographs supplied to them.


Atlas of Living Australia, http://www.ala.org.au/

Australian National Botanic Gardens, Australian Plant Image Index,

Australia Native Plant Society, http:www.anpsa.au

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Identification Database,

Eucalypts of Australia,

Nan & Hugh Nickelson, Rainforest Photos,

Royal Botanic Gardens, (1999 – ), National Herbarium of New South Wales,

Plantnet- Flora on line




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John W. Wright, Murray Fagg, (1983), AUSTRALIAN NATIVE PLANTS, William Collins Publishers, Sydney, Australia

Sterling Macoboy, (1979), WHAT TREE IS THAT, Ure Smith, Sydney, Australia

If I have forgotten you as an individual it is to be blamed on my failing memory and age so please accept my sincere apology.

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