25 reasons why OUR netbook is better than paper

·  Time is Money.If you are sick and tired of wasting your valuable time searching web sites and books for any information about a species then stop right now. Here in one book that has all the latest information you require at your finger tips.Distribution Maps, Habitat, Growth aspects, Weather, Soil, Plant characteristics, Known Wildlife, Cultivation, Landscaping, Propagation, Culinary uses. Thousands of photographs on every aspect of the species and more. Save hundreds of hours searching books and useless web pages.

·  Best value for money –20 books in 1 for the price of 114,000 pages with a full description of over 2,500 species, with up to 12,500 photographs and/or images detailing every aspect for each species, provides latest scientific information in a simple language, has Latin names with English translations, has common names, brief description on how to use the plant commercially and horticultural, range of occurrences, geology, weather, altitude range, camping sites, list of gardens and lots, lots more.

·  Your Personal Active Involvement through photographs, experiences, sightings and articles can be included in the book makes you a part contributor and author, You will be given full credit for the information and it will only be printed after securing your full consent and will only be available to other members. Copyright will still belong to the original supplier of the photograph and photographer. All information will eventually be donated to the AVH.

·  New plant species being added weekly with no further cost to members,

·  Updated regularly with the latest information at no cost to members,

·  Compact, lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere. Well almost anywhere,

·  Instant access – quick and easy 24/7,

·  Sixteen years of writing and 40 years of experience and research coupled with all the latest information from science are all incorporated into “The Bible of Botany”,

·  Unlimited resources are available with added links at no cost to members,

·  More detailed photographs than any other publication, that can be enlarged for greater detail,

·  Books usually only have one photo of each plant where as our net book has up to 15 photographs for each plant detailing everything from the habitat to the stamens with up to 220 photographs on some individual plants on request,

·  Books get dog ears, torn and dirty. Computers can be   upgraded,

·  Information and Simplicity is never lost or misplaced and is easy to locate in our simple layout,

·  Interaction between readers with common interests at no cost to members,

·  Interaction between the author and yourself on a regular basis if necessary at no cost to the user,

·  Access is now available anywhere in Australia – Can be used anywhere train, bus, work, home holidays, bushwalking, while photographing etc.

·  Information can be printed. – A paper form if required is easily downloaded to members,

·  It is very simple and easy to purchase and download information from an eBook even if you don’t live in a city or close to a Library,

·  Able to identify plants more easily in the wild immediately, transfer information or store information,

·  Share information and plant material, seeds etc with other members as membership expands – A free advertising outlet at no cost to members,

·  Some of the best collection of photos and scanned material on the web at your finger tips,

·  Latest maps on where to find the plants with terrain and habitat details on all plants except those critically endangered plants where ANBG recommend the sites are to be kept out of the public domain for fear of poaching or vandalism,

·  Frustration ends here: you will never have to look up 100 different web sites, read 20 different books or attend the library to find what you need because it is all here on one site,

·  When to take photos or to see the plants in flower or fruit,

·  Environmentally friendly – No need to cut trees down,

·  Our Mission is and always will be “That the profits raised and every hour spent from this E book will go directly to Australian flora and indirectly to Australian fauna through the greater awareness, education and the purchase of land to establish a combined Botanic Gardens Floral Reserve in the Clarence Valley.

·  Only one low cost membership fee for a life time access to your new always, evolving lifetime experience with plants.

·  The profit earned from the sale of this Ebook will be returned to the Australian Herbarium through the purchase of land for the establishment of a Botanic garden in the Clarence Valley or the Australian Virtual Herbarium.

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